Teams Re-Gathering Day 1

Welcome to everyone

Today was a great experience for all of us who came to attend our National Gathering at the Hayes Centre, in Swanwick. Our greeters went above and beyond in making everyone feel at home and made sure that their needs were met. People were allocated rooms as they arrived. For those of us returning to Swanwick our first look around the centre brought back wonderful memories of previous gatherings.  

Our Co-ordinating Team set up a relaxed first afternoon followed by a very family friendly evening prayer that set the mood for the weekend. We found inspiration and encouragement simply in being with each other in prayer and community. The theme of New Wine, Fresh Skins holds a promise for us all, new courage, a new fervour changing our staid and safe following of Christ.  Too much comfort kills our drive causing us to remain frozen, unable to see things in a new and more compelling light. The Scripture Reading (Mark 2:18, 21-22) read beautifully by a child, brought home most clearly that we need to keep our spiritual lives young, and be flexible in order to make room for our faith to grow and evolve. May the Spirit fill us, that we may reach out to others and let them share in our gift of spiritual growth in married and family life.

Getting together later with a social evening that gave us all an opportunity to meet up with old friends and to make new friends who have travelled from across the three regions to be here. While we were socialising we were entertained with gallery of images that challenged our perceptions. So much of what we saw demonstrated how we can each see the same thing in different ways. The quiz at the end of the evening definitely took teamwork. I don’t think that our group would be on Egg Heads, or Mastermind anytime soon! We are very much looking forward to tomorrow.

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