Mixed Teams Online

Mixed Teams have been arranged for Sectors and Gatherings for many years.  Based on welcome, hospitality and prayer, couples gather for prayer and exchange.  It does not matter that the members might be meeting for the first time.  A mixed Team meeting also has the advantage of sharing on how other teams organise themselves.

The Covid pandemic brought challenges for us all including how to run our monthly Team meetings.  Many but not all have been able to use Zoom or another online meeting method.  Our Autumn 2020 Gatherings showed us that there was a need for regular online mixed Team meetings.

These mixed Team meetings are open to all Team members and to those who think that the Teams approach to developing married spirituality may be something they would like to try.  The meetings take place on each 3rd Friday of the month at 8pm until 9.30.

To join please send an email to mixedteams@TeamsGB.org.uk you will then be added to the distribution list to received the prepared reading, prayers, details and link.

Enrich your married spirituality with Jesus Christ & meet others to build friendships.