Prayer Cascade

The Prayer Cascade is for members of Teams in GB who wish to ask friends in Teams to join them in prayer for a personal or family concern.

The prayer cascade is a closed (not public) email group.  So first, anyone who wishes to receive prayers on the cascade should subscribe to the list.

Asking for prayers

To add a prayer to the cascade use your own subscribed email to send your message to:

Please DO NOT use the prayer cascade for any administration, campaigns or other issues, no matter how worthy.

The email addresses of 300 Teams members are subscribed.  Please ask, occasionally at your Team meeting about receiving requests on the Prayer Cascade.

To join, leave or change email addresses, or for any questions.

Members can change or subscribe new emails using the form below.  As part of the process, members will receive an email from Googlegroups to verify their subscription – they must respond with confirmation to complete the subscription or change.

This form can also be used to ask questions about the prayer cascade, but not to ask for prayers.

To add or amend your details for the prayer cascade

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