Privacy Policy

Summary Data Protection & Privacy Statement

TeamsGB is committed to compliance with UK Data Protection regulations and best practice in how it meets its duties. All members with responsibility and access to personal data are required to adhere to this policy.

TeamsGB is an unincorporated religious charity that supports and enables couples to develop their married spirituality. Personal information of members, helpers and donors is processed. TeamsGB is the data controller and the contact is the Treasurer.

The legal basis of this processing is for our legitimate interests, including administration of the membership, governance, safety and safeguarding, fundraising and public relations. We process data for legal reasons including maintaining safety and safeguarding records in compliance with regulations, and maintaining accounting records as required by authorities. We process data by reason of data subjects’ consent including about providing information to members, providing communications relevant to governance, administration and fundraising and statistical reporting.

On the TeamsGB website, cookies and logging of IP addresses is used for statistical and web security purposes.

Personal information is only used and shared internally and, externally, as required by law. Personal data is retained as required for the good administration of TeamsGB and as required by law. Members’ data may not be completely erased from the TeamsGB records for reasons of legitimate interest, including safeguarding.

Data subjects may make a subject access request by contacting the Treasurer. Data Subjects have rights in accordance with the UK data protection GDPR regulations. The full TeamsGB Data Protection, Confidentiality and Privacy policy is available on the website.

Website Privacy Statement

This website uses cookies and IP logging for statistical and security purposes. Data sent in webforms is used only for the declared purpose and will not be shared with any other organisation.

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