Study Topics

Teams Couples endeavour to together reflect on the study topic during the month, so that they can share their reflections at their Team meeting.  This means that the Team meeting is not the time for the Study Topic as such, but for couples to share their reflections on it.  That’s a subtle difference, but quite important.  The purpose of the study topic is to enable formation of the couple so that they travel together the path of conjugal love.

The formal Study Topics are prepared by the International Leading Team.  These are part of a programme for the six years of the service of the Leading Team.  Teams may use these international Study Topics or they may decide to use other resources available to them.

Teams who have used other material for a successful Study Topic are invited to suggest it for wider use.  Obviously we would need to comply with copyright matters.  Please send to your Regional Couple.

For the ERI serving from 2018 to 2024 the programme or orientations is:

For the first three years of the ERI, framed by the General Orientation, “Be not afraid, let us go forth,” there are three orientations with a missionary perspective:

      • 2018-19 Reconciliation, Sign of Love
      • 2019-20 Called to be Holy
      • 2020-21 Marriage, a Sacrament of Mission

Then after the intended Gathering in Rome (intended for 2021 – but delayed)

      • 2021-22 The Christian Couple, the Leaven of Renewal for Families and Society
      • 2022-23 Serving in Imitation of Mary
      • 2023-24 The Eucharist, Source of the Mission
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