GB Events

GB Events

Larger Team events in GB are typically held at either a Regional or Sector level.

Regional Teams gatherings usually take place annually at the start of ‘The Teams Year’.  These are generally held in the early autumn following the start of the new Responsible Couple’s period of responsibility.

In recent years, due to Covid, the Regional Gatherings were held remotely via Zoom.

The 2022 Gatherings were intentionally delayed and held as a joint gathering for the 3 GB Regions.  This GB Province gathering (titled a Re-Gathering) was held in April 2023 at the Hayes Christian Conference Centre in Swanwick, Derbyshire.

Experience Virtual Teams on Zoom

Although originally arranged thinking of Teams members who are not currently meeting in a Team, everyone is very welcome to these virtual Team meetings.

Additionally, if you are aware of couples who might consider joining the movement and wish to experience something of Teams’ sharing and praying, do invite them.

If you are already on the list to receive the link it will be sent to you; if not, please send an email to

It is fine to join in some months but not others.

Usually held on 3rd Friday of every month at 8:00pm, but you can join at 7.45pm.  The next session is 17th May 2024.

Enrich your married spirituality with Jesus Christ & meet others to build friendships.