START OF TEAMS Teams of Our Lady was born when four couples went to their Parish Priest in Paris, France just prior to World War II asking for help with their married spirituality. Enrich your Marriage One of the best ways to enrich your married spirituality and grow with Jesus Christ is to join a Team, where you’ll meet others to build friendship, to study and to pray.

Teams of Our Lady

Teams of Our Lady is an international Christian lay movement that works to enrich married spirituality for couples who seek to live their marriages sacramentally.

What is Teams?

Teams provide new opportunities to increase and improve prayer life, helping couples support each other and grow closer to God and to each other.

Ideally a team is comprised of four to six couples whose marriage is recognized in the eyes of the Catholic Church.  ….

Join Us

Teams is open to all couples who wish to further develop their sacramental married spirituality. The Teams’ method includes prayer and scripture reading, sharing and “endeavours” relating to their sacramental marriage. ….

Fr Caffarel

Father Caffarel (1903-1996) had a deeply held conviction that couples were made for happiness. He had his own personal conversion experience ….

Teams Worldwide

Teams has grown from one Team in Paris in 1939 to a worldwide movement of 162,000 couples in 14,500 Teams with 10,000 Priests and Religious as spiritual counsellors. Teams is in 92 countries. Being part of a Team, links us …

Teams Members

Teams members join with a huge richness in their perspectives of life, of marriage and of Church. What they have in common is that they wish to live a sacramental married life as members of the Church. When the first couples, in 1939, asked the Teams founder, Fr Caffarel how they could develop their conjugal spirituality, he replied, after prayer, that “they could walk the path together”.  ….


The documents of the Teams movement range from promotional leaflets to simple guides to technical policy documents.  There are documents available providing you with the history, activities, devotions, experiences and scriptural guidance developed for and by our many members, including ….


Discover married spirituality with Jesus Christ


Find guidance from other likeminded couples and a priest


Build strength in your relationship through study & prayer


Develop personal & couple spiritual growth


Be in communion with fellow Team members & the church


Bring joy and hope to married life