Membership Database

Teams of Our Lady in Great Britain maintains a database in order to operate the charity effectively.  Information about members is personal and so subject to Data Protection regulation.

Teams has a Data Protection, Privacy and Confidentiality Policy.  This is compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the GDPR.  The policy is available on the policies page of this website.  In brief, only the required information of members is collected.  It is processed and kept securely.  Those handling the information are trained in the Data Protection Policy.

Members are asked to send changes to their information to the database couple for their region.  This should include changes in contact information – ie telephone numbers, email addresses and postal addresses.  When a Team’s Responsible Couple changes (usually in the summer each year) the new couple should send details of the change.

Information is usually sent by email.  Regular newsletters are sent by the Regional Couple, members can opt out of these, but it will mean that they are not updated with information about events and of other news.  Members often request prayers – these are sent to all members in Great Britain using Googlegroups.

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