2024 Competition Form

Welcome to the ‘Materials Team’ COMPETITION

Please note that the closing date for the Competition is 15th July 2024.

The winning entry will have their work published on the Teamsgb.org.uk website and may have their work published on the “Endeavours” leaflets and credited to the artist.

All artwork submitted will become the property of Teams of Our Lady GB, and in all cases if used in any publications it will be credited to the artist.

Please complete below using the name of the artist (unless under 16 years of age), and their contact details.

(If the artist is under the age of 16 years, the name and contact details of the Teams of Our Lady member should be used, and annotated “Under 16 Entry” in the name section of the form”.  Under 16s details will be gathered separately by contact from the Materials Team.)

    : Your personal information will be used for the administration purposes or as a direct credit - name only - for the artwork submitted in this competition. It will not otherwise be shared with any other organisation.