Teams members join with a huge richness in their perspectives of life, of marriage and of Church.  What they have in common is that they wish to live a sacramental married life as members of the Church.  When the first couples, in 1939, asked the Teams founder, Father Caffarel how they could develop their conjugal spirituality, he replied, after prayer, that “they could walk the path together”.

As a Teams Member, you will never need to feel alone in the ups and downs of life, either practically or spiritually.  Teams members support each other, understand about the beauty of this amazing voyage of family life in all its challenges and wonder.  We stand beside each other, and prayerfully wrap ourselves in faith around the families of our members.

Teams welcomes priests and religious as Chaplains or Spiritual Counsellors in Teams.  This is not a service role but one of full membership, enabling their growth in their complimentary vocation.

Testimonials from Teams Members

Couples have been in Teams in Great Britain since it started here 60 years ago, others joined last year.  Some comment about the impact of Teams on their married lives.

We both work and are very busy but our monthly Team meeting is something we really look forward to. We make sure we don't miss it.
I didn't like the sound of it at first. I'm religous in my own way but don't go to Mass with my wife. Teams has been something for both of us.
In Teams we have found an atmosphere where we can develop our faith without feeling pressure from anyone.
We have a lot of fun in our Team and have made real friends.
Teams members are just ordinary people who laugh and enjoy a night out, have everyday family troubles and the usual rows ..... but who also wish to develop an extra dimension to their lives.
We were busy being parents to four children and earning enough to keep food on the table. Teams helped us to focus on our sacramental relationship in marriage and introduced us to the value of being in a faith sharing group. Now we are both 80 and have been in Teams for 47 years we still value and enjoy Team life.
Enrich your married spirituality with Jesus Christ & meet others to build friendships.