What is Teams of Our Lady?

Teams of Our Lady is an international Christian lay movement that works to enrich married spirituality for couples who seek to live their marriages sacramentally.  Teams provide new opportunities to increase and improve prayer life, helping couples support each other and grow closer to God and to each other.

Ideally a team is comprised of four to six couples whose marriage is recognized in the eyes of the Catholic Church.  The team meets once a month, rotating from one home to another.  If a couple’s home cannot accommodate the entire team, the group can meet in a church meeting room or outside, if possible.  Some teams might have a Chaplain or Spiritual Counsellor as part of their team.  The Chaplain/Spiritual Counsellor comes to the meeting to share equally and contribute uniquely to walk with the Team in their Christian journey.  The team shares a simple meal with some personal sharing of their previous month, prayer, sharing on the endeavours, and a discussion topic.  The endeavours are the heart of the spirit of Teams.  The team becomes a close community that can inspire one another through their living examples of faith, and share with one another their struggles and successes on their way to holiness.

Couples from all stages of life (newly married, child rearing and empty nesters) can be part of Teams.  It is not parish based, but it is advisable for couples to live in the same geographic vicinity.  Since this is a lay association, lay couples hold all positions of responsibility.  Teams is not a bible study group, nor is it a group where you talk about the ups and downs of married life (unless you want to).  Teams of Our Lady, a gift of the Holy Spirit, is offered to couples throughout the world in order to help them live out their married spirituality.

Our Lady

Our Lady is the Patroness of the Movement however Teams is not a Marian organisation.  Our members strive to follow and imitate Mary’s “Yes!” to God through prayer, scripture and the sacraments. Mary is the perfect disciple and follower of Christ.  She takes everything and everyone to her Son.  The Magnificat prayer is Mary’s proclamation of God’s greatness.  Teams couples say the Magnificat prayer daily in communion with fellow Team members worldwide.

Enrich your married spirituality with Jesus Christ & meet others to build friendships.