The Leading Team

Globally, the Teams movement is lead by a Team of eight couples lead currently by Clarita & Edgardo Bernal from Colômbia with Father Ricardo Londoño Domínguez.  The Team is called the “ERI” – Equipes Responsible International; it includes members from across the world who liaise with the super regions.  The tradition is that the Leading Team serves for six years from one international gathering to the next.  The current ERI began in 2018 after the Gathering in Fatima.

Clarita & Edgardo Bernal, when accepting the role of International Responsible Couple, said

The ways of God are sometimes mysterious and we only understand them with the passing of time. With complete humility and docility, we accepted the calling to be the International Responsible Couple for the Movement, and are conscious that, with this responsibility, as St Theresa of Calcutta used to say, we would only be “a little pencil in God’s hands,” in order for the Spirit to guide and write what the Movement needs in today’s context and over the next six years. Our mission will be to vitalise and incite the Movement to assume its position in today’s world, as the Church that we form, always in complete fidelity to our charisma and according to what is specific to our mystique and formation. The invitation “Do not be afraid, let us go forth,” in complete alignment with a church that reaches out, will the light that accompanies us in the work with this marvellous International Leading Team, ERI, that we have formed in a collegial manner.

Teams Structure

Teams has the following levels.

Super Regions

A Super Region groups together, either the Regions of a country, or the Regions of neighbouring countries in the same continent.  Experience shows that at least 200 teams makes a good basis for the functioning of a Super Region.  The Transatlantic Super Region, to which GB belongs, is slightly unusual as in addition it groups together English speaking Teams who are linked because of expansion and/or historical reasons.


A Region groups together several neighbouring Sectors with the objective of mutually helping each other.  It is the link for communication and communion between the Sector Couples, the members of the Sector Teams and other couples accepting positions of responsibility.


A Sector is a community of teams wishing to progress together and help each other along this path.  They form a geographical unit of approximately 5 to 20 teams, small enough to enable them to know each other and to communicate directly between persons, yet having enough couples to ensure vitality.  It is the most essential community for the life of Teams.


A zone is usually a part of the globe with a great diversity of cultures and languages.  Dividing the world by zones allows the Super Regions, Regions or Sectors that make up an area to stimulate, help each other, through meetings to exchange ideas, training, support and even financial aid.  Normally each zone has a dominant language.

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