Teams in GB


Individual Teams comprise up to six couples with a Chaplain or Spiritual Counsellor.


Teams are supported by Sectors and they liaise on promotion and events.  A Sector Team and Sector Couple coordinate and lead activities.


Sectors are supported by a Regional Team and Couple.  Regions may comprise up to ten sectors with up to 50 Teams.

Teams in GB are divided into 3 Regions which run along diocesan boundaries:

      • Region of Northern Britain
      • Region of Central Britain
      • Region of Southern Britain

The GB Regions are part of the Transatlantic Super Region and is supported a Super Region Couple.

GB Province

The 3 GB Regions co-ordinate with each other to ensure a commonality across Great Britain.  They meet as a Province and have a Province Treasurer.  The GB Province is registered as a charitable trust with the Charity Commission (number 1044902), with the Regional Couples and the Province Treasurers as the trustees.


In January 2021 Great Britain has 103 Teams with 400 couples and 70 Chaplains or Spiritual Counsellors.



Northern Region

North East & Tyne

North West

North Yorkshire & Teesside

Central Region

West & Midlands

North Thames

West London

Southern Region

London South East

London South West


Surrey North

Surrey South & Sussex

Thames Valley




Northern Region


Central Region


Southern Region

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