In GB the Newsletter is published quarterly.  This contains updates from across the country and the world.  It includes the readings, reflections and prayer that are used at every Team meeting.

The newsletter editors welcome items for inclusion – these can be reports on events, reflections on matters relating to marriage, families and church.  These could be in respect to relationship, prayer or policies.  Send to

Hardcopy newsletters are sent to the Team Responsible Couple for onward distribution to their team.

Transatlantic Newsletter

The Super Region publishes a newsletter once a year; hard copies are distributed in the same way as the GB newsletter.  Copies are available from the website.

International Newsletter

The END leading Team prepares an email newsletter regularly – monthly or bi-monthly; these will be forwarded by your Responsible Couple or are available on the website.

Enrich your married spirituality with Jesus Christ & meet others to build friendships.
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