To promote personal and couple spiritual growth the Teams of Our Lady method is to use the “Endeavours”.  These are six specific practices.  The aim of the endeavours is to keep couples focused on mutual development of love of

each other and love of God.  The monthly Team meeting, and other times of keeping in touch, provides the support and encouragement needed for this spiritual development.

The six endeavours are:

      • To read regularly the Word of God
      • To spend time in personal prayer each day
      • Each day to pray as a couple or family
      • To Sit-Down at least once a month with your spouse, inviting Christ to be present with you
      • To develop and maintain a Rule of Life; that will enable your spiritual development
      • To make a retreat each year

Being active members of Teams means undertaking some additional commitments.  They are:

      • Attend the monthly meetings
      • Pray the Magnificat daily
      • Prepare the study topic during the month before the meeting
      • Read the Teams newsletter
      • Complete the annual review and recommitment
      • Show hospitality to fellow Teams couples and other people
      • Attend Sector, Regional, National and International events when possible
      • Teams couples with responsibility endeavour to attend an extra Mass each week
      • Make an annual contribution for the growth and development of Teams
Enrich your married spirituality with Jesus Christ & meet others to build friendships.
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