Art Design Competition

Teams of Our Lady “Materials Team” COMPETITION!

This is your opportunity to have your artwork included in the Teams Small Booklets.

As you may know there is a team of people looking at the literature available in Teams GB to update some documents. We are looking to attract a new generation of Teams of Our Lady members, and to do this we are looking for an original and contemporary artwork that can be scanned and used on our leaflets.

Knowing that our materials team have access to resources beyond ourselves (namely you), our group are running a competition to create an artwork based on the statuette pictured here.


The artwork should be in portrait form, and we would prefer the submission to show no facial features, leaving faces and ethnicity to the imagination of the viewer. Colours used should include, but not be limited to, the colours already used in the Teams Logo.

The art should be based on the model but does not have to replicate it. It could be a certain part of the image, or its essence, that inspires the artist.

Click here for the model: Model

This is a chance for you or your family or friends to create something original that will go onto the website and into print.


The panel who choose the winning entry will have no idea who the artist is.  Only when the winning entry is chosen will the name of the artist be revealed.

Please note all submissions become the property of Teams of Our Lady GB who reserve the right to use all submissions in future publications. The artist will be credited.  There is no age limit for those who enter, and every entrant will receive an email of acknowledgement and thanks.

All entries should be scanned and sent to using the entry form.  Closing date 15/07/2024

Click here to enter: Materials Team Art Competition Entry Form

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