Radio Maria and Teams GB

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Radio Maria and Teams GB

Teams of Our Lady, GB have been invited to Radio Maria, England to make a presentation about Teams of Our Lady and how it supports Christian marriage during the “Credo” programme slot from 16:00 to 17:00 on Thursday, 10 August this week.

You can listen online via the Radio Maria England website Radio Maria – how to listen

***The Radio Maria Team usually like to allow 10 to 15 minutes at the end of “Credo” presentations for live phone-in questions from listeners. The number for phoning into a live broadcast is 01223 375 564.***

Thanks for this opportunity are due to Annette and Paul O’Beirne who shared testimony and literature with a Radio Maria representative at a recent CHARIS event. They were obviously so persuasive that the representative thought it might make fitting content for a broadcast.

At a time when we are all keen for awareness about Teams to cascade far and wide, please pray that the Lord will make full use of this opportunity.

The team at Radio Maria have told us they will make a podcast from the live broadcast that will be available from their website for anyone who can’t listen live. When we know the podcast link, we will endeavour to make sure a link is provided via the Teams GB website.

We hope that the podcast will be of particular interest to our Bishops, with whom we regularly share Teams GB newsletters, and the wider clergy. We encourage all of you to publicise it in your parishes.

Thanks and Regards

Janet and Paul DeBoo, Regional Couple, Teams GB Central Region

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