Looking forward to our Re-gathering

Looking forward to Swanwick

It is always wonderful to be looking forward to gathering together with our fellow Teams members at the Swanwick National Gathering. This marks a fresh beginning of our face to face encounters with each other. Something that we haven’t managed to do in such scale since 2019.

On the occasions that I have been to gatherings before, the anticipation has always been mixed with some trepidation. Meeting with large groups of people is challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Whilst I may seem like an extrovert, inside I’m pretty insecure and prefer to be a face in the crowd. When the multitudes followed Jesus, I probably would have hoped that he noticed me, but that wouldn’t translate into any action on my part.

Now I’m at a stage in life where I have fewer years ahead of me than behind, I realise that in responding to God’s call, I need to be more agile in exercising and expressing my faith. I’m really hoping that this special weekend will spur John and I on, as a couple, to demonstrate more energetically the passion we have as Christians, in our marriage, our family and out into the wider community.

Our Co-ordinating couple have been working really hard to make this event inviting and inspiring to us all, with some wonderful special guests giving us their insight into our very personal journeys of seeking to live the gospels in our daily married lives.

May our theme of “New Wine, Fresh Skins!” break open our hearts and minds so that we can be more enthusiastic when answering His call. May it help us to feel more connected to Our Lord, that we can see how our thirst for Him can be satisfied and inspire us to action.


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