Synod Response

Synod Response

Synodal Response from the Transatlantic Super Region May 2022

Thank you so much for the support of all the Teams members who were involved in the Synodal process and offered their individual or Team responses, and to those who hosted or took part in one of the four Zoom meetings to discuss various questions.  We know that many have also been involved in their Parish synodal responses.

Pope Francis says “Synodality indicates walking together and listening to one another but above all to the Holy Spirit.”

In GB, we listened to the many people who joined in the Zoom meetings to look at two or three of the questions at each session, to 6 Teams who gave Team responses and one individual person who gave a written response.  The other regions of the Transatlantic Region, Malawi, South Africa, Ireland, Trinidad and Tobago also submitted their responses

All of these responses were recorded, read through carefully several times before being collated and then synthesized.  A lot of prayer also went into this whole process of synthesis. We hope that the synthesis reflects your thoughts.  The final document is listed on the Documents page of this website and also can be found using the following:

All 14 Super Regions will now have sent their synthesis to the ERI (the Leading Team) and they now have the task of drawing together a worldwide “Equipes Notre Dame” submission to send to the Vatican.

Let us remember that this is an ongoing process that has gone from Parish to Diocese to Bishops and will involve a lot more listening and prayer

“In the one People of God, therefore, let us journey together, in order to experience a Church that receives and lives this gift of unity, and is open to the voice of the Spirit,” Pope Francis said, stressing that the Synod is an “ecclesial moment”, not a parliament or an investigation into opinions, but “an ecclesial moment” whose protagonist is the Holy Spirit. “Without the Spirit, there is no Synod,” he stressed.

Pope Francis at the opening Mass for the Synod. 9 October 2021

Annette and Paul O’Beirne, Super Regional Couple for the Transatlantic Super Region



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