Let’s meet in Turin in July 2024

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Let’s meet in Turin in July 2024

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An international Teams gathering is a wonderful opportunity for couples, for growth in understanding of the movement, for making friends and for being inspired!  Turin has a huge wealth of wonderful places, wonderful history and wonderful culture.  See below what Donal and Katriona say about attending International Gatherings.

Now is the time to make your ‘firm application’ to join in the International Gathering.  Applications are open until 1st July.  Use this link   The dates are noon on Monday 15th July 2024 to 20th (5 nights) the key arrangement is that hotel, meal and attendance costs are included in the fee.  That is 695 euros for each person, so 1390 euro per couple.  Additionally you will have the cost to get there!

We expect 10,000 people to attend from across the world.  The Transatlantic Super Region has been allocated 85 places including 7 for spiritual counsellors.  There could be some reallocation of spaces later in the year if there are spare places in other regions.
There is no programme for children in the gathering; it has been considered carefully and the requirements of meeting safeguarding requirements of many countries makes it an impossible task.
We are seeking firm ‘applications to attend’ by 1st July, so that after allocating our allowance, deposits of 70 euros may be paid  by 30th July. – we have to transfer to the ERI then.  Obviously we will have to allocate our allowance fairly, although there will be provision for us to either hand back or to receive more allocation as the international process works through.
Later, there will be a system for uploading any specific requirements you may have and for flight details so that arrangements can be made for meeting you on arrival at the airport.

If you cannot attend … could you help someone else?

It is always good for Teams and Sectors to support a couple with costs. Please do discuss this in your own Team, Sector and Region so that you can organise solidarity fundraising.
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