Gatherings Summary

All the Regional Gatherings will be virtual again in 2021 as they were last year.  The dates for the three gatherings are as detailed below and exact timings will be available nearer the dates.  If you are unable to make your own gathering, you are free to join one of the other regions should they be more convenient.  You are free to also join in with any of the other gatherings should you so wish.


Northern Region – Saturday 25th September 2021 (Event Held)

Speaker – Fr. Eamon Mulcahy


Central Region – Saturday 9th October 2021

Speakers – Bishop David Oakley and Fr Simon Penhaligon


Southern Region – Saturday 2nd October 2021 (Event Held)

Speakers – Fr. Rob Esdaile and Ingrid & Padraig (Marriage Masterclass and Teams EXPERIENCE initiative)

The final hymn of the Opening Liturgy of the Gathering will be “Laudato si o mi Signore”.  We encourage you to become familiar with this hymn beforehand.  A link to both recordings of the music and the lyrics/sheet music will have already been supplied to you by your regional couples.

Please note that this page will be updated if the dates change.  

For more specific news about your Regional Gathering, please visit our Regional Events page – Click Here

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