Clarita & Edgardo Bernal, the International Leading Couple share their reflections on our changed times for families.  They report that in March they were invited by the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life to present to the thirteen movements represented at the meeting, the strategies and scope of the Vatican’s initiatives to promote the reality of living out of the message of Amoris Laetitia.   Fr Ricardo Londoño the International Spiritual Counsellor says “We believe in marriage according to God’s will and, at the same time, we know the concrete circumstances that arise from the weakness and fragility of the human condition.”  Farbutnear includes Pope Francis’ message at the Interreligious meeting on the Plain of Ur in March He says ” …. Today we, Jews, Christians and Muslims, together with our brothers and sisters of other religions, honour our father Abraham by doing as he did: we look up to heaven and we journey on earth. …” Included too are articles from Marriage Masterclass – letting many others in Teams across the world hear about the success of this initiative from Teams in Ireland.  Plus Teams in Columbia celebrate 60 Years.  A most interesting item about the development of a “Marriage YouCat” in Germany & Austria (where YouCat began) and, from Spain, an item about the development of “Veteran Team Members”.




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