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What do spiritual counsellors say?

Fr. Michael

“For me it is a means of feeding my ministry through a group of committed married couples who share their faith and their struggles. It is an opportunity for me as a priest to listen in a very privileged way to the concerns of the people. To be able to be in touch with those people who have made a different commitment to my vow of celibacy. ”

Fr. Gerard

“A team meets to share many of the most important aspects of the Christian life: prayer, company, a meal, discussion and support for all the members in their ‘spiritual endeavours’ as couples and as individuals. This can be of enormous support to a priest in his ministry. The Team can help him to keep his eyes on the things of heaven and his feet firmly on the ground, all at the same time. I value my monthly ‘Team Meeting’ as an opportunity to give and to share essential and friendly spiritual help.”

Priests & Religious

The Teams movement has always invited priests and religious to be spiritual counsellors.

Couples need support, but so do priests and religious. We all know that “community” offers spiritual, practical and human support that enables personal growth. Today, support for priests who have taken lifetime vows of celibacy is more important than ever. This is especially necessary for those engaged in parish work where the understanding of marriage and family life is critical to their approach in dealing with families in their pastoral care.

The Role

The spiritual counsellor journeys with the Team and can help achieve balance of work and personal growth through support and communal friendship. He or she contributes as an active member of the Team and can also contribute through prayer and reflection.

John Paul II January 03.

“I express my gratitude to the spiritual counsellors who make themselves available for you. They bring their competence and experience to your lay movement. By means of their collaboration, priests and couples learn to understand, appreciate and help one another.”