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The Start of Equipes Notre-Dame

Equipes Notres Dame, started in 1939, in Notre Dames Parish in Paris with 6 newly married couples and a priest Fr Henri Caffarel who agreed to journey together in faith. It has now spread to over 11,000 teams in 75 countries across the world. It is the largest lay movement in the Catholic Church.

In 1997 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Charter, Teams couples from around the world returned to Paris. Three of the original team were there to join in the celebrations. In 1992 the Teams Movement received its provisional Decree of Recognition from the Vatican, and the final decree in 2002.

Teams in GB

Harry and Clotilde Meigh introduced Teams to Great Britain in 1959. Clotilde is French Harry half French, and on a visit to France, they discovered Teams and decided to set up the first Great Britain team. The original Cheltenham 1 team is still going strong  In 2009 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee, Teams couples from across Britain met at the church of St Gregory the Great in Cheltenham (the Parish in which Harry and Clotilde have lived for all of those years). There are 120 Teams in Britain.

Friends Of
Fr. Caffarel

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